You may be thinking that you are a brick and mortar store so why would a blog matter to you? Good question.  You probably have an advertising budget where you spend money on circulars, flyers, coupons, the phone book, and other advertising methods.  Not that those are bad methods of endorsing your business, but they are antiquated.  Your business must survive in this technology-laden world and your competition is global.  Yes, you may sell the best widget in your area, but the likelihood that someone else is selling that same widget cheaper but in a different place in the world is very high.  Plus, potential customers tend to check the Internet first in their search for finding businesses so if you are not online, you are depriving yourself of a huge potential piece of your market.  This is where blogging comes in to play.

What is Blogging?

A blog is more or less an online journal.   Only instead of writing about your personal thoughts and feelings, you keep frequent entries that portray you as a figure of authority in your widget business.  For example, you might write about why widget x is better than widget y.  Or, you may want to explain how to choose the best widget for a certain occasion.  The possibilities are endless. Blogging is a method of displaying your brand name online so that when potential consumers search for widgets, they can find your blog, read what you wrote, and thereupon seek you out.  Plus, it is free if you do not mind having the host company’s name in your website address.  Per standard business practice though, you will want your website address to have your own company’s name in it and thankfully, the cost is minimal.  Either way, blogging is the best way to provide your brand with more recognition.

How Does Blogging Help My Business?

Blogging provides several positive outcomes for your business.  As previously mentioned, it establishes your business as a legitimate expert in your industry.  This is because you are providing readers with unique content on a topic of which you know the ins and outs. In addition, blogging brings traffic to your website or business.  As you blog, say bi-weekly, you acquire more content on your blog.  The more content you have with certain niche-related key words, the more likely it is that consumers will find you through internet searches that include those keywords.  Keywords are simply common phrases that people generally use in searches.  For example, people may type in a search box ‘why is widget x better than widget y’.  Consequently, if you have those words sprinkled throughout your text, you are more likely to be found.  All in all, blogging establishes you as an expert and helps you attain traffic for your website and business.  More traffic can equal more sales, and these are sales you would not have generated elsewhere.

Blogging Gone Viral

Viral videos are a common element of popular culture.  These are videos that are posted on the Internet and shared by millions of people who will then view them.  Thus, they go viral like a cold in a crowded market.  Blogging can have the same effect.  If someone likes your content, they will share it on their social media networks.  Then someone may share the blog entry again, and it can continue indefinitely.  This creates a buzz about the item that is being shared; the video represents a hot topic and must be checked out.  Also, it brings more attention to your site and business and this may translate into sales. Blogging is an effective strategy for advertising brick and mortar stores through the Internet.  It makes you an expert in your industry, is fairly inexpensive, and can bring new visitors and potential sales to your business.  Therefore, it is an excellent practice to adhere to for your company.”