“Owning a small business comes with a unique set of challenges, partly because you must take on a lot of the work yourself that bigger businesses can pay employees to do.  For you, this means extra hours in the office as well as selfless sacrifice.  However, as a small business owner you can use the Internet to your advantage. In fact, there are many benefits to having an online presence as a small business and some of the main benefits are discussed below.

Wide Outreach

With more than 2.4 billion users, the Internet is where people turn to search for anything ranging from schools, shopping, community and even coaches.  With mobile devices placing access to the Internet at the tip of their fingers, consumers will make web searches the first stop for most information.  Here, having an online presence can be so vital to a small business. In fact, the difference between being found in consumer queries and being a virtual ghost can depend on whether your business has built an online presence.

Cost Effectiveness

It costs nothing to leave a website up and running overnight during non-business hours.  As a small business, you can leverage this to your advantage.  By having a social presence— including videos about your business— you can teach consumers about your business without any added cost to your marketing budget.  The consumer will be able to learn about your business from anywhere at anytime. Because the overhead of an online presence is low and the effect it can have on your bottom line is huge, an online presence should be a no brainer for your small business.


With Search Engine Optimization— the practice of having your business come up in searches for specific words your consumers’ use— you can make yourself easy to find.  If SEO is done correctly, it can bring extra volume and views to your business, resulting in new customers.


Websites are a great source of information and potential additional revenue.  By providing additional resources, products for purchase, or forms prompting consumers to sign up for newsletters, you can provide useful information and sell additional informational products or services.  This creates a larger customer base as well as introducing new revenue streams for your business.”