“Marketing for small businesses can have many hurdles.  With fewer resources than bigger competitors, small businesses may have less money, time, and personal resources to advertise goods and services.  This does not, however, spell gloom and doom for small businesses.  Rather, there are several things that small businesses can do to emulate the big companies, starting with implementing a little more creativity to market themselves.

Keep An Editorial Calendar For Your Company Blog

Most small businesses cannot afford to bring in their writing staff, nor can they afford to spend time updating a company blog on a regular basis with pertinent content.  The time and energy that these processes would require are just not available to small businesses. However, by using a WordPress plugin, companies can automate the process of posting to the company blog.  A plugin would allow the content manager to schedule, plan and post updates well in advance. By planning to post topics in advance, business owners can source the best writers for the job and choose the optimum time for new content to be released. Strategically timing a post release to coincide with a related industry event can give it that extra dose of relevance it needs to go viral.  This makes marketing for small businesses that much more effective.

Automate Social Media Management

Social media is the lifeblood for a small business.  Since many people find information from online posts that are written by companies themselves or by friends who have posted about the companies, it is undeniable that this is a platform that must be kept relevant. The best way to keep current on this platform is to automate the process. Using software available online, small business owners can plan and schedule social media posts in advance, including posts about upcoming sales or a product release.  Marketing for small businesses becomes simpler with this automation.  The software allows businesses to post across varying social media platforms, include images and links, and to see reports on what posts are popular. The automation allows for a well-planned and effective media campaign that can become widely shared and gain new customers.

Build A Network Of Partner Sites

Major benefits come from having bigger companies and websites post your content along with a link to your site on their respective.  One main benefit is search engine optimization.  When a higher ranking site points to your site with a link on their website, it helps your website rank higher in web searches.  In addition to acquiring a higher rank, a small business can gain new customers when these larger sites post the small business’ content.  This does not have to cost a dime because larger businesses and organizations like helping small businesses.  They see it as a mentorship of types. So doing a quid pro quo exchange of content to their website for your link on the website is a win-win.

Offer An Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can help a small business in its branding and marketing efforts.  By using an affiliate to sell your product or service, your small business can get the information spread for a fraction of the cost it would take to do a full out marketing campaign.  There are plenty of affiliate programs wherein users are looking to help sell content for a small percentage of the sale.  As your business can control what content and advertising tools you provide to affiliates, the branding possibilities are endless.”