“Online business marketing is essential to your businesses success.  One platform that is a must-use is YouTube. Many consumers absorb information visually and in today’s world, with oversaturation of advertising, videos provide the quickest and easiest way to convey a brand’s message or market your business online.  In a one-minute video, you can demand your customer’s attention and communicate information more effectively than you would with non-Internet advertising. YouTube has proven that the concept of videos for Internet marketing works.  According to studies, Videos are so effective because they elicit more views and clicks than most other online advertising platforms.  Consider, for example, Super Bowl commercials; they all wind up on YouTube and acquire views millions of times over.  This shows how effective this kind of online business marketing can be.  Indeed, YouTube provides some major benefits for your online marketing campaign.

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Generating Sales

You can upload a short video on YouTube to help generate sales.  For instance, you can show how a product is used, how to upgrade it, and how to purchase it in your video.  You can then add what are called “tags” to the video—words that the user will use to search for the information that they seek.  Your video can also have a link to a sales website on it or in it for consumers to browse should they wish to.  Showing the product or service in action will let users know what to expect and wipe any confusion about the quality of the product out of their minds.  Thus, you will generate more views and sales using a video on YouTube.

Customer Support

In addition to generating sales, YouTube is a great way to provide customer support.  You can upload short videos that answer frequently asked questions about your business.  For example, you can show users how to troubleshoot problems that may arise.  Also, you can use the videos to redirect them to your business website for upgrades or newer versions of a product that may exist but that does not have the issues that troubled them in the first place.


A number of large companies are using YouTube to provide seminars and training to industry professionals that cannot attend conferences.  This can be a tremendous asset for your business; not only will this establish your credibility, as an expert in your field, but also it will help spread the word about your business. You can join the bandwagon by creating training videos on your product or service for industry professionals to watch. YouTube videos should be an integral part of your Internet marketing plan.  It will allow you to reach customers with visual appeal in an otherwise crowded advertising space.  You can upload videos to help represent your business, offer support, or train professionals.  In the end, all of these videos will gain viewership and drive potential traffic and sales your way.”